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Automatic Multi Lane Sachet / Stick Powder Packing Machine for Coffee, Milk etc.


Multi lanes machine can produce multi lanes bags at same time.
Machine main function: automatic split film at right position, liquid measuring and filling, multi lanes bag form fill seal, cutting, sensor tracking, counting capacity.
Other function: Emergency stop, set capacity to auto stop machine, count capacity and Zero the count, ready bag output, manual test machine each step etc.
Stainless steel contact part and the machine outer shell, high feature for liquid running environment.
High precision photocell sensor for auto tracking the eye mark printing on the film roll, so cut each bag at precisely position.
PLC controller, high function and control the whole machine’s work steps.


Suitable for many kinds of powder products, such as coffee powder, milk powder, spice powder, seasoning powder, etc.


30-50 Bags/Min/Lane
1.Flat Cutting, 2.Zigzag Cutting, 3.Continuous Cutting, 4.Customized Special Shap Cutting